Core competence
Design simulation
With industry-leading joint design and simulation technology, we are good at optimizing design of advanced packaging materials and simulation data。Provide customers with SI/PI electrical performance analysis, product structure stress and reliability analysis, heat dissipation performance analysis and thermal resistance extraction, plastic sealing&Bottom filling mold flow filling analysis, as well as joint chip end - package end - system end of the three levels of collaborative Co-Design design, simulation services。
Advanced package design services
Package heat dissipation simulation analysis technology
Electric performance simulation analysis technology
Packaging mold flow filling analysis
Structural stress simulation analysis technology
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Advanced manufacturing

Keep exploring and forging ahead,Closely combined with electronic information, computers, machinery and materials and other high-tech development achievements,Use modern management techniques,Improve chip packaging research and development, design, manufacturing, online testing and other advanced manufacturing capabilities,Achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and flexible production,Help customers reduce the risk of film loss,Reduce the key size of the chip,Improve chip performance,Shorten the chip development cycle,Reduce customer costs。

Advanced equipment
Advanced technology
Advanced system
Advanced process
Quality assurance

laboratoryHave professional and sound failure analysis equipment andVarious reliability test equipment, such as cold and hot shock box, constant temperature and humidity box, high temperature oven, high acceleration aging test box, etc., provide customers with professional reliability programs to ensure that products pass reliability evaluation in the development stage and meet customer product reliability indicators。

Total quality system assurance
Quality prevention and control
Statistical process control
Advanced testing equipment
Reliability testing and verification
Delivery service

Provide a full range of chip packaging and testing one-stop services, its products, services and technologies cover the mainstream integrated circuit system applications, including network communications, mobile terminals, high-performance computing, vehicle electronics, big data storage, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, industrial intelligence and other fields。

Accelerate time to market
Improve reliability and yield
Improve overall process efficiency
Reduce cost
Simplify product management